We are a Korean crew manning company licenced under the national and international requirements to perform in crew recruitment and management service to provide employment on ships of any type such as Container, Bulker, Reefer, Log, Wood-chip, PCC, and Livestock carrier. Our teams are comprised of marine specialists with expertise in crew recruitment in selecting the best suitable candidates for each individual vessel. We provide Top-4 Korean crew and junior officers and recruit the remainng crew members to our sub-conttrated agent in Philippines, Myanmar and Vietnam.

Introduction of Our Main Members


I am the executive managing director of Sejin Lines We arrange .... read more
I am the executive managing director of Sejin Lines. We arrange the budget of ship operation with special attention to the balance between safe shipping operation and its costs. We maintain an in-house cost awareness through regular comparative analysis based on our budget and our actual performance. In addition, I am in charge of managing documentations such as crew supplying agreement or employement agreement with ship owners, managers, manning companies, and crews around the world. This work requires meticulous check to avoid any legal troubles with our company as well as our customers. I will continue to do my best to satisfy our customer's needs.
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I am the managing director of Sejin Lines Co., Ltd. I have dev... read more
I am the managing director of Sejin Lines Co., Ltd. I have devoted myself in maritime life for about 48years, and was on board as captain for 25years, ended my career as a captain for 15,000TEU container ship. Therefore, i am well aware of the importance of crew members more than anyone else. Based on my experiences and know-how as a ex member of seafarer, I am certain to do my best in crew recruitment, which we believe that crew manning is the main principal of safe operation for ships, also conducting pre-boarding education by characteristics of each ship, continuous attentiveness & cooperation after disembarkation, and crew management before/after embarkation.
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As the general manager of crew management department ... read more
As the general manager of crew management department of Sejin Lines, my main task is to recruit crews by reviewing company's recruitment policy and shipowner's requirements. Also, with my English and Japanese language skills, i can assure of smooth handling and planning in crew rotation to achieve safe operation without any delay or complication to our clients.In order to perform our duty, we cooperate with the Port Authority, Ship Management Association, and cooperate with overseas labor union to promote safety and rights, and help to create profits for shipowners.
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As a member of the crew management department of Sejin Lines, I am in charge of handling neccessary documentations such as issuance of crew license & training certification/application, US/Australian Visas, approval of embarkation & disembarkation, and operation of crew management IT software. Also, I re-issue and deliver license & certification to ships by keeping close contact with the crews. I also submit application form to the Maritime Engineers Association and overseas employment unions to support family events for our crews. To provide updated news on board, I am sending SEJIN NEWS to ships everyweek and sending all documents including assignment of embark & disembark to shipowners.
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PR Video of Sejin Lines

Total Crew Manning

→ Crew Management System
  • Recruitment
    • Recruitment of seafarers optimized for each vessels with qualification and ability with international/domestic regulation
  • Embarkation
    • Be arranged embarkation physically and mentally healthy seafarers as per their experience
  • Evaluation
    • Be carried out evaluation by master or senior officer continuously and confirmed with shore
  • Rotation
    • Selection of successor according to vacation request, and execution of rotation. Appropriate vacation grant in consider of seafarers fatigue
  • Preliminary crew
    • Be maintained proper number of preliminary seafarers always and ready for aboard timely response to emergency case
  • Mental care
    • Be managed proper arrangement for boarding of seafarer identified fatigue by attitude test while onboard and before/after boarding
→ Crew Education System
  • Pre-boarding education
    • Pre-joining education, Familiarization education of manual, Consignment practice education, COVID-19 education…etc.
  • On-board training
    • Onboard job training education, Visiting education by shore staff
  • Education after disembarkation
    • Review to improvement of education contents listening with seafarer and regular meeting with embarked seafarer. Promotion education when pre-assigned master & C.E.
→ Crew nationalities
    • We have sub-contracted agents to recruit foreign seafarers in each country.
      We are able to provide crew mix with the understanding of cultural differences in order to provide better harmony in the vessel for safe operation with reasonable cost to the ship owners.
  • 1) KOREAN
  • 2) VIETNAM
→ Crew Mental Health Care Program
    • To improve and sustain our crew quality, Mental Health will be cared and managed properly through EAP (Employee Assistance Program) service providers; bind an MOU with us.

IT Solution Implementation for crew management

We have implemented and introduced an IT solution for effective crew management and visulization service towards our customers. This solution can handle all of work procedures from crew request reception to performance report extraction with flexibility and reliability.

Also, each customer can check and acknowledge crew's status in real-time by PC & Mobile application when necessary. If difficult to use, our bilingual staff is available for support by e-mail or one-on-one video meetings.

▲ Boarding Status

▲ Crew Information

▲ Marine Crew List

▲ Retention Rate

Solution for COVID-19

1. Online Training is available through Video conferences & PDF Education Materials
2. Hot & New Information about COVID-19 Restriction & Regulation is being shared with all crews via e-mail
3. If any issue on land workers by COVID-19, tele-work is available for smooth communication between office & ship