Message from KO, JONG-KOOK / President of Sejin Lines & S.J. Corporation

We are very pleased to introduce our company, Sejin Lines Co., Ltd. and S.J. Corporation Ltd.
Since the establishment in 1976, Sejin Lines Co., Ltd. has gained profound experience in crew management service which has led to the outstanding number of recruitment of Korean seafarers. Having had more than 15,000 qualified serving on board for ocean-going vessels of worldwide shipowners, Sejin Lines Co., Ltd. upholds the stature of highly reputed seafarers in their seamanship and skills in their duties.

We also established a trading company, S.J. Corpration Ltd. that trades shipbuilding materials and ship's equipment to overseas shipyards and ships. with the continuous changes and high competitiveness in the trading industry, we offer our services to acquire on time delivery with competitive price.

Through experience of practical services with diverse shipowners, we pride ourselves in providing top quality produsts with full delivery service. We continue to strive towards in bettering our services and expanding our business to meet our customers' requirements and satisfaction.

Faithfully yours,

President / Ko, Jong-Kook

Message from KO, JUN-HYUN / CEO of Sejin SM

Recently in the rapidly changing shipping market, to meet with ever changing needs and expectations of our customers, SEJIN LINES have separated Ship management department and established SEJIN SM (SEJIN SHIPMANAGEMENT CO., LTD.) to provide more concentrated service to our customers. Our Ship management department has been managing Bulk Carrier, PCC, and livestock carr ier and have obtained DOC/SMS of ISM code approved by NK in 1997, being the second shipping company in Korea to obtain DOC from Class NK.

Now SEJIN SM is more focused on the mission that we have to accomplish as a ship management company. This includes anticipating the needs of customers and future demand as the industry continuously changes and tackling new challenges presented every year. Our ability to build and sustain working relationships is supported by an innovative approach; the efficient use of modern technology, continuously observing with learning attitude, and a passionate team of people dedicated to ship management.

SEJIN SM will continuously challenge as a ship management company to endeavor to expand our services in the best quality for more betterment and sustainable growth by constantly innovating our system to ensure our customer's needs.

Thank you

CEO / Ko, Jun-Hyun