For the purpose of more concentrated and professional ship management service, our existing Ship management department of SEJIN LINES has separated its department and established new company SEJIN SM, in July 2020. Ship management department of Sejin Lines has been managing bulker, PCC and livestock carrier and have obtained DOC/SMC of ISM code approved by Class NK in 1997, being the second shipping company in Korea to obtain DOC from Class NK.

Introduction of Our Main Members


I am the managing director who conducts marine depart ... read more
I am the managing director who conducts marine department of Sejin SM. I have devoted myself in maritime life for about 48years, and was on board as captain for 25years, ended my career as a captain for 15,000TEU container ship. Therefore, i am well aware of the importance of crew members more than anyone else. Based on my experiences and know-how as a ex member of seafarer, I am certain to do my best in crew recruitment and pre-boarding education. Also, I will work together with the captain for safe operation by providing the latest navigation information and advice related safe operation after boarding. Specifically, i will satisfy the needs of our customers with my long-term know-how and on board ships experience.
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As a DP in SEJIN SM, with the belief that SAFETY is the first... read more
As a DP in SEJIN SM, with the belief that SAFETY is the first and second most important duty to carry out safe operation of ships, I am throughly in charge with the following tasks. ISM/ISPS/MLC system management, establishment of training system for on/off-shore members for maritime safety, review & application of international regulations & rules, proper maintenance of ships for safe cargo transportation, crew training to prevent environmental pollution, and conducting ship inspections for the safety of ships and cargos, etc. Also, recently, we are trying to reduce crew complains and stress due to COVID 19 by close monitoring and communication. As mentioned above, safety is most important duty, and for that, countless employess are working hard today as well. To ensure the safe operation of ship I am willing to do my best as DP.
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I am in charge of planning, operating, and managing maintenan... read more
I am in charge of planning, operating, and managing maintenance & inspection for hulls, structures, and equipment according to safety management system of our company's policy as main tasks. Besides, I am arranging and managing inventory of various types of marine products, parts, chemicals, and paints, supplied to ships. Also, I am in charge of outside activities such as inspection by visiting ships, dock inspection, and new ship building inspection. In a view of characteristics of our department, expenses for ships are mainly incurred, so I do my best to minimize cost due to unexpected or unplanned maintenance or repair. Finally, I keep the principle that prioritizes safety by appropriate risk assessment even in situation where safety and cost conflict.
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As manager of SEJIN SM, I am mainly in charge of sales planning... read more
As manager of SEJIN SM, I am mainly in charge of sales planning and IT. I am establishing marketing & PR, sales strategies by country and shipowner, in order to respond to the needs for our customers. In addition, to acquire Cyber security management & paperless procedures as the recent trend, I implemented IT solution and manage website of our company. Also, I support safety and quality management. It is important to always grasp ship's operation status, and prevent maritime accidents by detecting risk factors. i will do my best for more qualified service toward customers.
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I am in charge of finance and accounting in SEJIN SM. I mainly chec... read more
I am in charge of finance and accounting in SEJIN SM. I mainly check, classify, and send invoices of marine products including ship stores and spare parts for ship management to each PIC of suppliers. Also, it is necessary to obtain approval for payment and remit to domestic or international suppliers until payment due-date. Also, i am in charge of filing all the approved documentations, constaintly monitoring exchange rate and foreign currency daily to secure funds.
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We provide full range of expert ship management service using combination of in-house crew management services and technical management services. Our technical support and safety management are reviewed and monitored through our experienced professionals with our self-developed Maritime ERP Software Solution such as Crew management program and PMS. Also we are able to provide rapid response and appropriate report by bilingual staff with English and Japanese competency to our clients. In case of Long Term Board, we manage to provide Mental Health care for our Crew members whilst fulfilling their duty for safe operation.

Monitoring and Planning as Environmental Pressures are building

Management System Review

Regularly collect report of 'Data on the Master Review' and hold system review meeting at least twice a year on the basis of submitted data from the head of department.

  • ●  Results of non-conformity and corrective, preventive actions
  • ●  Satisfaction of performance according to the company policy
  • ●  Revision of law and rule
  • ●  Problems and improvements of the management system
  • ●  Educating our shore board by attending various programs

LNG Fueled Vessel Management

Liquified natural gas (LNG) reduces emissions, compared with traditional marine oil, and is seen as a transitional fuel to help the maritime industry reach the IMO’s decarbonization targets by 2050. So, as an industrial trend leading company, we are capable to provide comprehensive LNG fueled ship management solutions.

  • ●  Safe and efficient bunkering and operation procedure
  • ●  All kinds of survey or inspections attending by SI
  • ●  Seafarers' training and education under IGF code regulation
  • ●  Close cooperation with partners & government institutions

Sejin's Unique Experience with Proud

We have started to manage Livestock Carrier from 2011 and have gained expertise through experience and proficiency.
Much of the trade and requirements to follow are governed by strick regulations from AMSA.

Solution for COVID-19

1. Online Training is available through Video Conferences & PDF Education Materials.
2. In case of unavailability to visit ships, local surveyors or photos & clips via the web may be arranged instead.
3. Issues about COVID-19 are regulary updated and shared with all crews and shipowners.
4. If any issue on Shore Board (land workers), tele-work is available for smooth communication between office & ship
5. In case of Long Term Board by COVID-19, Mental Health will be cared for and managed properly through EAP (Employee Assistance Program) service providers; bind an MOU with us.